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VIP Chauffeurs


Our private-chauffeurs make sure you arrive well rested
and on time at your location.

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Airport Services

Airport Services

Use the best Airport Services available.
From Airport Transfer to the VIP-lounge; it’s possible.

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Helicopter Services


Want to travel short distances in style or just be on time for a business meeting? We offer VIP-transportation by Helicopter.

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Private Jet Services

Private Jet

Want to save time or enjoy a flight by yourself or with a small group of people? Try our Private Jet Services.

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We also offer personal security and security-drivers to ensure
a safe travel in case you need extra protection.

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Turn Key solutions VIP-Services

Mike’s Luxury Events offers high-end VIP and executive services. We are focused on providing complete solutions for those who need to travel in style, comfort and in a discrete environment.

Whether you need a private chauffeur , alone or in a group, to travel at ease to the next appointment or you’re in hurry and a helicopter will ensure you arrive in time; we’ve got you covered.

Mike’s Luxury Events provides worldwide VIP-services. For international travelling in the highest form of luxury we offer private jet services. You will experience the feeling of a VIP during the drive to the airport and your chauffeur will take care of you until you reach the Jet.

Our Airport Services involves more than a simple pick-up and drop-off service. You will experience full service in the broadest meaning of the word.

On some occassions an extra pair of eyes, additional security is needed. Our drivers are well-trained and we also have specialized services when more protection is needed.

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