About Mike's Luxury Events

Mike’s Luxury Events was esthablished in 2012 by Michael Bhoelai. After working several officejobs, Michael realized working with people and being able to offer them the best possible solutions to unburden them from transfer-related situations, was what he loved doing. Michael decided to pick up his old passion of being a taxi-driver and create a niche for his customers. Not only driving them around, but also assist them with lots of other services, like booking a hotel, a restaurant, arranging their lunch and on the other hand offering private jet services. Michael realized anything is possible, as long as you’re honest, transparent and always honour your commitments. It was the start of Mikes Luxury Events and now is a full fledge provider of the best Luxury Solutions for people travelling, being it by car, helicopter and plane.

As always, Michael and his dedicated team of drivers, colleagues and partners are looking forward meeting new people and doing new business. That always start by getting there and we would like to be your preffered partner in getting you there!