In this blog I will share on how I dealt with the lockdown.

Do you also wonder how an independent driver, with 1 or more vehicles, holds up during a pandemic? In this blog I will share my experience.


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Corona, the pandemic, the lockdown. It surprised us all. I think it’s been bad for everyone, so whining and playing victim has never been an option or even a thought.

All the drivers I know have had a hard time. Especially the drivers without their own or regular customers. Many have also stopped. That is twofold, because on the one hand I miss my colleagues, on the other hand it might be more bread on the table for me. Wish it didn’t feel so double.

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What has made the difference for me are my regular customers, my network and my colleagues. Grateful is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of these lovely people. Of course it says something about our services and I am proud of that, but in times of crisis people can also make other choices that have nothing to do with service. A big thanks to my loyal clients, like Dirk Zeelenberg and Robert Doorbos, thank you for using my services; I have managed to keep my head above water.  

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What has also made a difference for me is that I have used my newly acquired free time for other organization-related activities. I have put a lot of time and energy into creating content for Mike’s Luxury Events. Photoshoots, videoclips, renewed my logo and made brochures. It would be a shame if I wasted my time, I thought. And if the lockdown wasn’t there, I wouldn’t make time for this.


Great side effects are that I have entered new professional relationships that have worked out well, such as the collaborations with Luxury Airport Services, ATPI Select, Heli-air, Holland Car Company, Brian Custom Audio and many more.

People with whom I already worked well, such as Tim, have continued to believe in me and that is equally important.

In short, how did I hold my own? Continuing to work, being careful with savings and gathering the right people around me.


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