“The travel spirit starts at Schiphol Airport: currently under construction.

It doesn’t apply for a while.

But! We can make sure your holiday starts

BEFORE you get to Schiphol Airport. Really.

By now we all know the situation at Schiphol. We also know the causes; after-effects of the Corona crisis, staff shortages etc etc.

Personally I think that understanding and patience help us realize that it is a difficult situation. For everyone, including Schiphol and the employees there.

Airport Transfer Service Schiphol

How can you make your holiday start earlier and last longer?

Book our Airport Transfer Service! and more..

Imagine that you are picked up in time, where you want, your bags are loaded and you and your travel companion can sit back and relax while your driver drives to the airport, taking care of the traffic. You chat pleasantly about the trip, with real sincere attention to each other. As it should be. Questions from family members, friends or colleagues are really heard and not with half an ear, because you don’t have to pay attention to traffic. Or you travel alone and want to get some work done….and you can.

Enjoy your holiday vibe!

You don’t have to worry about:

  1. Traffic
  2. Your flightschedule while driving
  3. Road constructions
  4. Carrying your luggage
  5. and much more
Airport Services Warm Welcome
Airport Services Duty Free
Airport Services

Want to go a step further? Book our Terminal Service or our VIP Centre Service.

With these services you skip all the lines and can continue to enjoy the fun once at Schiphol. A disclaimer is in order here: book these services early, because the rule is: full = full. And we see an increase in the number of requests and sometimes we unfortunately have to sell ‘no’ as well. Therefore, timely booking is a must!

Once back from the trip, we pick you up again, bring you home safe and sound and make sure your luggage is unloaded neatly. Why choose a shorter holiday, when it can be done differently?

The choice is yours.


Contact us if you have any questions about how

we can help you increase your holiday fun!

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