In this blog we are going to share our take on

“what makes a good private driver”.


Let’s begin with the definitions, according to Van Dale:

chauf-feur (the; m,v; plural: drivers), chauf-feu-se (de; v; plural: chauffeuses)
1: one who drives a car: truck driver, bus driver

pri-vate (adjective, adverb)
1: for yourself only, personal; = private: that is strictly private that has nothing to do with others

In fairness, we must confess that we had to look up the definitions too! However, based on this, we are already one step closer.

Someone driving a car just for yourself. That is already more like it.
For us, however, that is the beginning. And that’s the first rule:



Our vision and services are based on more than just a driver driving the passenger from a to b. A good private or executive chauffeur is prepared for the trip and for the passenger’s needs. There are some basics though.

– Clothing style

Dressed impeccably, in line with the customer’s wishes is the first thing the driver should consider. Your driver is in fact part of your business card. And we can imagine that a notary would rather not be dropped off by someone in a jogging suit and a DJ sometimes requires a more casual dressed driver.


– Anticipate / be prepared

Arrive before the agreed time, know the route and take into account short stopovers. The passenger’s wishes are leading, but based on experience, the driver can be of added value. E.g. by suggesting an earlier departure in the case of a long journey, or if the passenger needs to be on time for a meeting and does not take into account traffic jams or other delays with which the driver is familiar. We think that as a member of the board of directors you don’t want to arrive at your location with screeching tires…

Blogpost on time

– Airport transfers

The driver can be expected to request flight numbers in advance and be familiar with flight schedules. In addition, the driver is familiar with the main route and shortcuts to avoid delays. Finally, your driver is familiar with peak traffic times. Any kind of stress during the trip should be avoided.

Airport Services Warm Welcome

– Vehicle is up to date

Last but not least, your driver is responsible for the vehicle. This means that the tank has ample capacity, but also think about bottles of water in the car, especially in summer. The airco is perfect and a blanket for the winter in case of breakdown on the road.
Nowadays wifi is indispensable for humanity; connectivity is ensured in the car. The car is technically in order and finally the car is clean, both inside and out.

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Our drivers use the above points as the minimum. We always think with you if a meeting runs late or assist in booking a restaurant if necessary. And if we run late and the people at home have had to wait for you, we will also provide a bunch of flowers to make up for it!

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